Finke lubricants are top quality oils, greases, hydraulic and metal processing fluids, biodegradable lubricants, cleaning and antifreeze aģents, produced in Germany.

Since 1884 Finke Mineralölwerk GmbH develops, manufactures and markets oil products in the European market under Aviaticon brand name. Finke Mineralölwerk GmbH is affiliate of Hoyer group and offers a wide range of products for vehicles and industrial applications.

Finke production of lubricants is based on continuous product development and principles of tribology analyses. Every aspect of lubrication is carefully studied and as a result the highest quality product is created. Particular attention is paid to production of environmentally friendly lubricants. The latest generation of equipment requires the latest technology lubricants and Finke offers them!

More than 600 Finke products are distributed by Aviaticon brand, while the total Finke offer is much wider. One of the company's activity is production of specific products according to individual customer’s needs for specific lubricant, liquid or fuel.